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Psychic Technique

Tarot readers fall into the fortune-teller category of psychics which includes mentalists, mediums...
Whether you believe in pshychic phenomenon or not, a Tarot reader must practice and apply the following techniques. These same techniques are used by the genuine and not-so-genuine alike. From a psychological perspective, the Tarot can be viewed as a tool to help people, or , in a more cynical view, to manipulate them as a con artist does.

Cold Readings Psychic Technique

Recall Professor Marvel from the Wizard of Oz. He was a very good cold-reader. A hot reading is when you or an accomplice has actually done some reconnaissance.
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Cold means "without any prior knowledge of this person". You can gather much useful information about someone through simple observation. Take note of their age, clothing, ethnicity, fashion and style,and manner of speech. Do their hands show signs of hard work? Are they wearing expensive jewlery? what car do they drive?
Try to stereotype the person ( aka Pigeon-holing) Your first objective it to elicit cooperation from the subject(s). Try something like, Start with broad statements that most likely true. Here are a few used by P.T Barnum himself. The result will be the Foyer effect which is the tendency for people to fill in the details. Even false statements will be viewed as true if they are positive enough. It is a form of confirmational bias where people accept that which confirms their own beliefs. Your subject will provide all of the necessary details. Excessive use of the Foyer effect would be considered a warm reading. It uses principles of psychology that apply to nearly everyone. Try some high probability guessing. If the subject is not so forthcoming, try fishing and observing their response.

How to do a cold reading with Tarot cards.

Suppose your subject is and young unmarried woman.
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Use some high probability guessing. You stereotype them. She either has a boyfriend, or has recently broken up with one.

How to practice the Psychic Technique with Tarot Cards.

Amat victoria curam (victory loves preparation) Practice with a single or 3 card layout. Then, list some typical types of people (yes stereotypes or pigeon-holed personalities).
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You are not attempting a Flim-Flam

You may first do a reading for your friends which is not a cold reading. Remember to read the cards in a positive way. Try to get them to consider new possibilities and to look at their problems from different perspectives. If you are a true believer, a skeptic, a con-artist or whatever. It is undeniable that Tarot readings can have a tremendous theraputic effect on both the reader and the subject. I hope you enjoy this site and Tarot reading.