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Tarot Past Present Future

This is the Past, Present, Future spread. It is a good layout for obtaining a reading for quick questions. There is no set order in which you need to turn over the cards. I like to turn over the center card which represents the present state (or present influences) because
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...it may give you insight into how to relate the question to the Past influences and possible future outcome. In more "psychic" terms you may say that it is the:
  1. Present energy which surrounds you at the moment.
  2. The challenges that you are currently facing.
  3. The Choices or opportunities currently available to you.
  4. Your present emotional power.
The future card can represent a probable outcome. It is important to remember that the future is always in motion and can change according to the choices we make in the present.
  1. The future card can also represent your goals.
The card in the past position represents past influences. Past influences can represent:
  1. What can be holding us back in pursuit of our goals.
  2. Lessons from the past which you can apply to the present situation.
  3. How you can draw on your past experiences.
In a more linear fashion, you may read these cards in chronological order to tell a short story about where things were, how they are and where they are likely to go.

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