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Tarot Five Card Spread

The 5-card (or Star) spread is good for emotional issues. The cards may be laid out as a star, a cross, or in a line. The signifigance of each of the positions are:
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  1. Your present feelings.
  2. Present Influences.
  3. Hidden influences or emotional blocks.
  4. Your expectations or advice (whether from your concience or others).
  5. A likely outcome. Not your fate!
Remember that fate is a subjective term. Our fate is largely governed by the choices we have yet to make.
As the Tarot reader, you are free to assign slightly different signifigance to the position of the cards. You must use the present context. E.g. The card positions can also be generally interpreted as:
  1. The present state.
  2. Past Influences.
  3. The reasons behind the question.
  4. Potential outcomes
  5. A likely outcome.

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